CD069 Angel Experience (Double CD)


Exercises for transformation, upliftment and developement.

For centuries people have been calling upon named Angels for help in certain situations, guidence in times of need and spiritual upliftment.

“I personally see Angels as more than just those we can put names to, but advanced spiritual beings who strive to guide and inspire us from their vantage point in the next world. They are there fore everyone who has the desire to open their hearts and minds and allow angelic forces to be part of their life.

In this CD I shal endeavour to take you on a journey that will enrich your life and inspire you to consider the possibility that Angels and Angelic Energies are there for us all to tap into, whether it’s to enrich your daily life, help in times of uncertainty or as an accomaniment to your ongoing mediumistic developement.

All attempts to broaden the mind and invigorate the spirit within should only be attempted by those wanting to bring positive spiritual change into their lives and with the help of the Angels aim to live a more spritual existance.”

Tony Stockwell

Artist:- Tony Stockwell

Total running time:- 57:48