CD009 Healing The Wounded Soul


Transformational exercises for healing and empowerment.

“So many of us live incredibly busy lives filled with distractions, often following vein pursuits of self satisfaction. We may well function with little acknowledgment of who we truly are and what it is that our soul needs to express whilst we are here on earth.

The desire to change and grow and set ourselves free from that which ails us, togetehr with the realisation that we are far more thatn we seem is the key in freeing ourselves to experience a true life transformation.

It is my strong belief that we are in essence a spirit person, temporally housed thin a physical body for the purpose of experiencing a life here on earth.

I ask nothing more from you, than to simply consider this is a possibility, unless of course you already acknowledge this for yourself.

It is my sincere wish that the experiences that you may have whilst listening to this CD will be positive and helpful to you and will bring about a benificial effect upon your well being”

Tony Stockwell

Artist:- Tony Stockwell

Total running time:- 66:22