PRS & PPL Policy

If you play any music [including most of New World’s] in any public space you will require a PRS & PPL licence. In certain circumstances, at our entire discretion, we may refund the value of the licenses you are required to purchase. The criteria are:

> You stock New World Music exclusively, and no other labels.
> You spend over £1000 annually with New World Music.

If you meet these criteria, please send copies of the licences and relevant paid invoices, and we will send you free CDs to the value of the licenses [at retail prices]. To find out further information or to claim the cost of your licences please contact Sales at the New World offices on 01986 891600 or at


The Performing Rights Society (PRS) works on behalf of the composers and writers of music and collects money (in the form of licences) from companies or individuals who make use of music in the running of their business. The money collected is shared out amongst the artists (and publishers) who are registered with the PRS.

If your business involves music, whether it is via the radio, TV, internet, playing CDs or tapes or any other method, you will be obliged to purchase a license from the PRS if they contact you. This includes spas, health clubs, gyms, yoga and dance teachers, Pilates instructors as well as shops, boutiques and supermarkets. To find out more about the PRS please go to their website at


Phonographic Performance Ltd. (PPL) work on behalf of Record Companies and Artists and operate in a very similar way to the PRS, issuing licenses to the same type of business’s and organisation. Again the money collected is distributed to the Record Companies who are members. You can find out more by going to their website at


The only way to avoid buying License is to only play music which is not registered with both PRS or PPL – in this case neither organisation are empowered to issue a licence. Almost all music, including most titles in the New World Music catalogue, and everything played on the radio, TV and the internet, is registered with the PRS, either by the Record Company, writer, composer or publisher of the music.


New World have a number of CDs in the ‘IChill’ range, which are not registered with either the PRS or PPL. If you only play these CDs, AND NO OTHERS WHATSOEVER, you are not required to buy a licence. If you require further information about the PRS or PPL, or the  IChill range speak to your sales adviser.