CD706 I Am That I Am


Stephanie Kirkham and Dean Wagg (Stella Sonos) recorded this CD using Tibetan Bowls, wind chimes, 528 Hz tuning forks and Shamanic drums.

The first track is a vibrant chakra boosting meditation taking only ten minutes to complete, perfect for when time is limited. Gentle voices provide an angelic backdrop for the spoken words, guiding the listener through a clearing affirmation into an illuminating crystalline star meditation, finishing with grounding to Earth and connecting to the heavens.

Track two is a sea of calming voices moving in and around the healing 528Hz tuning forks making an uplifting and delightful track, offering a sense of connection to our spiritual essence.

On track three, the empowering phrase ‘I Am That I Am’ is used as a softly spoken mantra for twenty minutes while the background voices, chimes and bowls move from Root chakra note C to Crown note B.

The forth and final track is ideal for self-healing as well as an accompaniment for healing practitioners working from Root to Crown. The music allows just under three minutes at each energy point as the sounds of the bowls and chimes change subtly into each chakra’s corresponding note.

Artist:- Stella Sonos

Total running time:- 60:00