AD187 Glenn Main – Live in Dortmund


Stunning live album from Norwegian synth maestro Glenn Main, recorded in Dortmund during his 2015 European tour. The album features 14 reworked tracks from his growing repertoire, and he is ably supported by his son Nickolas Main throughout. Torsten Abel joins them on the last 4 tracks.

The music is nicely uptempo with only a couple of reflective tracks, and the album exudes a feeling of fun; clearly everyone had a great time.

For Glenn Main fans this is a ‘must have’, while for fans of Jarre, this should be in your collection too. And if you’re new to Glenn’s music, then this is definitely a great place to start because it acts as an excellent ‘Best Of’ introduction, with the tracks being sufficiently different to the originals to warrant investigation.

Artist – Glenn Main

Total running time:- 67:39