AD204 Beyond Dreams


Beyond Dreams is a collection of music from the catalogue of DreamerProject. It is a “story so far” containing remastered tracks and remixes from various EPs and CD releases, plus three exclusive new tracks.
Beyond Dreams is much more than just a compilation though, it is a tour de force highlighting DreamerProject’s unique style, which for reference is a mix of Vangelis and Chris Franke.
DreamerProject has a gift for melody and atmosphere, a mixture of ‘moody’ and ‘innocent’ that tug at the emotions though hauntingly beautiful themes and delicate rhythms and sequences. The music is dreamy with great depth and should find favour with fans of traditional electronic, new age and chill-out music alike.
Guest artists on the album include David Wright, Glenn Main and Real World.
Beyond Dreams is both an ideal introduction to the breathtaking musical worlds of DreamerProject and a ‘must have’ for existing fans.