AD186 Tribute To Jean Michel Jarre


AD Music is pleased to present this tribute album from Glenn Main, who’s first Introduction to the music of Jean Michel Jarre was a cassette recording of ‘Equinoxe’ and ‘Oxygene’ when he was just 9 years old. From the first play of ‘Equinoxe part 1’, Glenn was hooked and he repeatedly listened to the tape on headphones whilst hiding under the bed sheets. Glenn has followed the music of Jarre ever since and remains an avid fan and his own music is clearly influenced by the French maestro.

So when Glenn began working on the ‘Tribute to Jean Michel Jarre’ album, it was no surprise that the first song would be ‘Equinoxe part 1’. Even the album cover has been cleverly crafted to reflect the ‘Equinoxe’ cover, with Glenn using the animated drawing of himself from his 2008 debut album ‘Electronic Secret’.

The idea behind this Tribute album is unashamedly to honour Glenn’s idol, Jean Michel Jarre, keeping important elements of each song while adding a touch of Glenn’s own inimitable style with 2016 technology. Glenn is very satisfied with the result, and hopes JMJ fans worldwide will enjoy this ‘Tribute offering’ as a companion to the original music and a compliment to one of electronic music’s great artists.

Artist – Glenn Main

Total running time:- 55:48