CD530 Transcend


Plainsong (a translation of the Latin Cantus planus) or Gregorian Chant (named after Pope Gregory 1, c 540-604, who codified much of the church’s music), is the earliest extant music of Western civilisation. Derived from ancient Greek melodies and the chants of the Jewish synagogue, it is the traditional ritual melody of the Western Christian Church, its rhythms based on the free rhythm of speech. Conceived in tranquillity, these timeless chants with their Latin texts are designed to nourish the spiritual senses by inducing a state of meditative calm, inducing and intensifying the quality of devotional life. This selection of some of the finest Gregorian chants is taken from various times in the liturgical year, the touching simplicity of each chant varying in mood and character according to the season or theme. They are sung here by the serene voices of the Benedictine Nuns from St. Cecilia’s Abbey, Ryde, Isle of Wight, UK.

Artist:- Benedictine Nuns from St Cecilia’s Abbey

Total running time:- 66:17


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