CD152 Easter Chant (Download Only)


Perhaps no other music touches the soul more deeply than these simple medieval compositions sung by the Benedictine Nuns. Their calm, stilling voices radiate a purity of heart and a sense of attunement, and have a depth of devotion and peace that is almost unparalleled, a vibration this is tranquil yet uplifting. These melodies have a clarity and spiritual beauty that raises the soul into the presence of the divine. They have a powerfully soothing and healing effect on mind, body and spirit, and can help in calming and centering oneself. They can also enhance meditation and create a quiet and relaxing atmosphere – especially effective in the evening after a tiring day. Sung in the original Latin by the Nuns in their own Abbey, the chants and sacred texts vary in character and modality according to the liturgical season or theme of the recording.

Artist:- Benedictine Nuns – Cecilics Abbey

Total running time:- 60:00


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