CD138 Sleep Easy (Download Only)


With it’s non-intrusive instrumentation and long quieter passages intertwined with gentle natural sounds, Paul Lawler’s specially composed music will help you drift naturally into a deep sleep. Either listen to the CD when in bed at night, before an afternoon nap or even relaxing in an armchair and you should be able to switch off and immerse yourself in the music and slowly fall into a tranquil and calm sleep. There are many well known benefits of sleep and some of these are: It relaxes the mind, It can help relieve aches and tiredness, It can help steady blood pressure, It can refresh your body, An excellent medicine for some physical and psychological conditions, Help release deeply stored thoughts, It can help promote a peaceful and tranquil demeanor. This beautiful relaxing CD is also great background accompaniment as you go about your day. It is intended to relax and refresh your mind.

Artist – Paul Lawler

Album running time:- 57:26


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