CD634 Perfect Weight


Everyone dreams of being at their perfect weight and feeling good about themselves and their appearance.

Let Dr. Hilary Jones share with you his thoughts and the techniques to allow you to achieve and maintain that Perfect Weight. Combining the very latest visualisation, mind programming and digital stereo recording techniques, this recording works on the whole mind and makes change quicker and easier than you ever imagined possible.

Part 1 – Dr Hilary Jones shares with you tried and tested information explaining what is ”your perfect weight” and how you can achieve it.

Part 2 – This part of the programme contains some of the latest and most powerful audio communication techniques available today. Specially recorded in digital stereo, appropriate messages are sent to either the right or left hand part of the brain reflecting the practical or creative. Using this unique approach allows the whole mind to make the changes you desire more quickly.

Artist – Dr Hilary Jones

Total running time:- 41:01