ASD224 Bioluminescence


Divine Matrix returns with Volume 4 of his Soundscapes series of electronic music excursions. ‘Bioluminescence’ continues the theme in a more ambient, experimental style. There’s plenty of creativity though within this drifting, ethereal space music journey. Steve is a master at creating ambient spaces populated with just the right amount of spaced out textures end effects. There are no drums or rhythms here, just gentle rhythmic motion supplied by delicate sequences.

The result is 9 tracks of varied, atmospheric spaced out ambient music with a darker, pulsating undertone. When rhythmic sequences do appear, they do so in an understated and gorgeously chilled out way. The stunningly beautiful “The Beauty in Things” epitomising the artist’s brilliance. Overall, this is an evocative and spaced out trip on the wings of expertly crafted ambient electronica. Steve has always managed to conjure up electronic music with echoes of 70s and 80’s Tangerine Dream, but with a modern edge and full of surprises. While ‘Bioluminescence’ isn’t a sequencer based album, it still harks back to the early days of electronic space music – indeed, spaced out Krautrock – with a feeling of deep distance and adventure beyond the cosmos. Stunning!

Artist:- Steve Barns

Total running time:- 61:00