MGCD312 Medicine Woman 5 – Transformation


The series continues! Medicine Woman is a landmark in new age music. The first Medicine Woman has been voted as the best new age album ever, selling over 400,000 copies and with similar sales of all 4 volumes in the series – we know this volume will be received in the same way. Based on Mayan culture set deep in the rainforest, Medicine Woman Volume 5 returns the series to it’s original inspiration and has been produced in the same style as Medicine Woman Volumes 1 & 2. With a very performed approach, Medwyn Goodall makes his guitars sing and cry, with soulful panpipes and Bamboo flutes. The music weaves through soundscapes of the rainforest giving a beautiful ambience of light filtering through lush trees and ancient ruins, transporting mind and soul, through healing energy and intention.

Artist – Medwyn Goodall

Total running time:- 70:00 approx