CD564 Journey To Our Dreams


From the highly-acclaimed composer of Journey to the Faeries, comes Journey to our Dreams. Llewellyn takes the listener on a voyage of discovery through the astral realms of the dream-state. Discover this world where free thought ebbs and flows along a river of imagination and illusion forged by the soft undulating melodies of this intriguing score. This unconscious journey, in four parts, delivers you to the safe shores of relaxation. Like the benefits of a good night’s sleep such a retreat into the unconscious mind ultimately refreshes the psyche and heightens the senses. Listeners will welcome the guidance notes on dreaming – from recording them, to interpretation and realising the possible therapeutic benefits. This personal exploration into the self is unique to each and every listener. Contains extensive sleeve notes by hypnotherapist, Heather Redfern-Kinnersley, MCIPD N-SHAP

Artist – Llewellyn

Total running time:- 40:25


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