CD709 Celtic Piano


“I knew I would enjoy making this album as soon as it was mentioned. I still work very organically sespite techno;ogy racing away! To me the primal instinct to feel and spontaneosly create rhythm and melody is paramount and transcends technological advancements.”

“Celts expressed themselves from the soul using music. No books, no pre-meditated scales, no exams. Just pure self expression. This idea goes hand in hand with how I enjoy working; sitting at the piano and allowing motifs and melodies to come out, of their own accord, whist picturing Celtic idealogy and history.”

“It occured to me that to get the required depth to the album as a whole I would need different dimentions of sound so I embarked on utilising the natural and spectacular talents of Celtic vocalist Sara Jane. She, like myself, enjoyed working in a very spontaneous manner both with voice and flute motifs.”

Artists:- Stuart Jones, Sarah Jane

Total running time:- 59:00