AD240 Oracle


‘Oracle’ is a magical musical journey blending elements of ambient, new age and electronic space music with a touch of the avant-garde. A follow-up to their 2017 release, ‘Prophecy’, ’Oracle’ is a far more varied and yet more focussed work. Strong synth and sequence passages by David Wright along with his adept arrangements are complemented by the evocative and sublime vocal textures of Carys. The additional choir and string orchestration by David add an almost cinematic feel to proceedings.

12 varied tracks blend effortlessly together, forming one complete 78 minute opus. This is an epic synth and choral symphony and presents music for the heart, mind and soul on a grandiose scale. Atmospheric vistas laced with mysterious beauty present haunting passages that are intertwined with hypnotic and evolving sequences providing gentle rhythmic motion that is all held together by memorable musical themes.

‘Oracle’ incorporates all the best elements of the new age and electronic space music genres. From the thematic to gentle ambience, from glorious sequences and rhythms to the evocative and ethereal vocal textures of Carys…’Oracle’ ebbs and flows through it all, taking the listener on a journey through the cosmos that they will want to revisit time and time again.

Artist:- David Wright & Carys

Total Running Time:- 78:20