AD223 Sharing Dreams


‘Sharing Dreams’ is a beautifully laid back new age music album from Steve Orchard. All the best hallmarks of his musical style can be found here, from drifting electronic sounds to gentle acoustic guitar to soaring string arrangements – this is Steve Orchard at his most melodious and creative best! Everything moves at a relaxed, unhurried pace.

The music is both evolving and involving in equal measure. Pulling you in with an evocative and at times hypnotic feel, the music weaves a magical spell. The tracks are varied, atmospheric and drifty, yet always with a positive, uplifting undertow. When rhythms do enter the mix, they do so in a chilled and delightfully understated manner. Steve has always managed to conjure relaxed atmosphere in his music, creating depth and space allowing the listener to share his musical journey. The twelve tracks on ‘Sharing Dreams’ are varied, yet they form a cohesive whole, a wonderfully broad canvas. Indeed, it is easy for the listener to lose themselves in Steve’s musical world as they paint their own picture on the canvas Steve has created.

A beautiful album!

Artist:- Steve Orchard

Total running time:- 65:00