AD177 Vanguard Volume 3


The final album in the Vanguard trilogy ’Vanguard 3’ concludes Andy Pickford’s vision of relaxing electronica.

Once again, the music crosses the boundaries between traditional electronic music and contemporary electronica.

‘Vanguard 3’ presents some compelling and creative music. 10 well constructed, interlinked tracks all characterised by strong rhythms, sequences and melodies. Indeed, this is probably the strongest of the trilogy in terms of song melodies. The album has a laid back feeling of ‘ease’ and the  music is superb.

Andy Pickford really shows how his music and production abilities have matured. He continues to expand and explore musical styles, but without ever losing sight of his EM roots.

If you enjoyed Vanguard 1 and 2, then you’re going to love Vanguard 3.

Artist – Andy Pickford

Total running time:- 71:49


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