CD742 Ascendant Destiny


In my long music career, Space and Meditation have always been the seeds of my inspiration. Ascendant Destiny portrays the textured motions of time and distance that merge into visionary experiences. I spend much time in deep meditation and contemplation when creating my music, and with this, my latest work, I have tried to create a journey through both time and space. I want the listener to experience a unique feeling of immersion amongst the wonders of the universe. I invite you to take the journey with me.”

Jonn Serrie

“With it’s celestial keys, It’s chords of air, The Samian’s great Aeolian Lyre, Rising through all its sevenfold bars, From Earth unto the fixed stars.” 
 – Henry Wadsworth Longfellow from Occultation of Orion
Artist:- Jonn Serrie
Total running time:- 57:35