CD315 Meditations To Help You Meet Your Spirit Guide

Meditation can put us in touch with the Universal energy or ‘Prana’ which is the lifeforce that runs through all things. It is the key to unlocking our full potential and just a short time spent every day can truly unclutter our minds and allow our bodied to naturally rebuild themselves.

Thaose who practice silent meditation believe it helps to bring them a more profound sense of awareness, inner peace and a sense of the importance of living each moment as it occurs. In meditating, we begin to feel far more focused and alert.

Whether we meditate for inner peace, clarity of mind or a s a preparation to help us to become far more aware of the ‘Other World’ that surrounds us, the meditation steps on this CD will help lead to a ‘Silent Place Within’.

Artist:- Tony Stockwell

Total running time:- 39:52