CD395 Into The World Of Dreams

Meditations for children to aid calm and restful sleep. These meditations can enhance learning, concentration and a sense of general well-being for children. A wonderful first step into creative spirituality.

Artist – Tony Stockwell

Total running time:- 38:52

CD379 Path To Trance Mediumship

Let Tony Stockwell lead you on your path to Trance Mediumship through the exercises he has created within this CD. Tony believes that you will be able to know beyond doubt that the Spirit Word is real if only you surrender the conscious mind and allow the others to gather close.

Artist – Tony Stockwell

Album running time:- 65:24

CD362 Path To Mediumship

Practical exercises for the development of mediumship led by international medium Tony Stockwell. This CD is aimed at both the novice worker and those with years of experience who need to enhance their advancement. The exercises allow you to gain a greater focus and a stronger connection with those in the other world who are eagerly awaiting your participation. Featuring New World Music by Laura JW, Kevin Hartnett and Anthony Miles.

Artist – Tony Stockwell

Total running time:- 59:14

CD315 Meditation to Meet Your Spirit Guide

Those who practice silent meditation believe it helps to bring a more profound sense of awareness and inner peace. Whether we meditate for inner peace, clarity of mind or as a preparation to help us to become far more aware of the Other World – Tony Stockwell will help in his guidance.

Artist – Tony Stockwell

Total running time:- 39:52

CD311 Journey To The Spirit Realms

These experiences are there for everyone who has the desire to open their hearts and minds to connect to the other world. Whether to enrich your daily life, Tony Stockwell help in times of uncertainty or accompany your on-going mediumship development.

Artist – Tony Stockwell

Total running time:- 58:26

CD069 Angel Experience

My aim for this double CD is to take you on a journey to bring the wonder and brilliance of Angels into your life. The exercises offered will hopefully raise your awareness and open the door for Angels to enter, whether to help in situations of life, support or comfort, to be uplifted and energised or as an aid to your ongoing journey. A double CD from Tony Stockwell to help and support you and your Angel.

Artist – Tony Stockwell

Total running time:- 120:01

CD009 Healing The Wounded Soul

This CD by Tony Stockwell is designed to lead the listener, through a series of experiences using visualisations, affirmations and mantras as an aid to healing the part of them that needs it most. Five exercises featuring music from New World Music artists.

Artist – Tony Stockwell

Total running time:- 66:22

CD010 Heighten Your Spiritual Awareness

Our awareness of purselves and the part we have to play in the theatre of life can be clarified and appreciated far more fully when we learn to connect with and examine our relationship with the universe.

Understanding the nature of intuition and how this can help us take the right steps forward together with an inner confidence that comes with the acknowledgement that we are eternal beings, far more powerful than we ever realised whilst still incarnate here on earth.

All attempts to broaden the mind and invigorate the spirit within should only be attempted by those wishing and willing to take those forst steps to transform themselves and affect the lives of those we interact with in a positive way.

Tony Stockwell.