SSM013 The Songs Of Asher Quinn


A newly art worked and re-mastered double CD combining, on CD1, what was initially a limited edition compilation of Asher’s (aka Asher Quinn, Asha, Denis Quinn) most popular tracks (some of which appear on other Asher titles), with, on CD2, the most often requested and downloaded tracks that do not appear on any other Asher title… like “Amadora”, “Mary Moon”, “Red man’s love” and “Talitha cumi”. There is over 140 minutes of the artist’s most joyous and plaintive new-age music here! Previously released in 2004 as a limited edition mail-order only single CD, the album has now been re-released as a double CD with a revised track listing.

Artist – Asher Quinn, Asha,

Total running time:- 71:04


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