AD172 Romancing the Moon (remastered)


‘Romancing the Moon’ is an album close to the artist’s heart and has been lovingly 24 bit remastered from original cassette tapes. It’s a timely reminder of the range of the David Wright catalogue and how much his music has evolved over the years. The artist has stayed true to his original and emotive style, in which atmosphere, feel and melody are key and this has ensured his longevity on the global electronic music scene.

‘Romancing the Moon’ is a compelling collection of styles, building on the romanticism of his acclaimed debut with more Tangerine Dream styled longer sequenced passages alongside shorter, instrumental rock styled tracks. ‘Moon Maiden’ with its evocative melancholia and the classically influenced title track are especially memorable, leading into the TD influenced ‘Twilight Dream’. The second half of this excellent collection presents melodic and imaginative 80’s style em in shorter track format.

Artist – David Wright

Total running time:- 74:03