SSM009 High Planes Music


This is a re-interpreted collection of 15 spiritual love songs originally recorded on 10 different albums between 1987 and 1999. (Open Secret, Mystic Heart, Wings of Fire, Amadora, Fiery Moon, Field of Stars, Marriage of the Sun and Moon, Resurrection, Love is the Only Prayer and Music for Love.) The intention has been to get down to the very essence and spirit of the music by using only simple instrumentation, and making a feature of Asher’s (aka Asher Quinn, Asha, Denis Quinn) voice and lyrics. Sometimes there is only a piano or guitar with his voice, adorned by a fleeting bass, cello, sustain and occasionally light percussion. A new dimension has been added at a later stage by the ethereal vocal accompaniment of singer-songwriter Lila Mayi.

Artist – Asher Quinn, Asha,

Total running time:- 55:17


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