GACD1107 Beverley Knight – Soulsville


Beverley Knight celebrates the music, sounds and legacy of Memphis on her forthcoming new album, Soulsville, out on East West June 10th 2016.
Soulsville takes in original songs and a handful of Memphis classics. The album features a collection of stirring songs co-written by Beverley with the likes of Jimmy Hogarth (Adele, Duffy)-with whom she co wrote opening single Middle Of Love and Matty Benbrook (Paolo Nutini).
Beverley celebrates Memphis classics in three stunning collaborations. Firstly with Jamie Cullum on William Bell and Judy Clay’s ‘Private Number’, then Jools Holland on a version of ‘Hound Dog’, and finally with original Memphis soul man Sam Moore of Sam and Dave, giving their super high energy take on the duo’s classic stomper ‘Hold On I’m Coming’.

Artist:- Beverley Knight

Total running time:- 46:00