AD168 Exosphere


Wim is the brainchild of Ketil Lien, one of a trio of very different sounding Norwegian artists who release electronic music through AD Music. Ketil Lien (aka Wim) returns with another involving journey style album, this time focusing on Norwegian mythology and the fantasy world of ‘Erion’. ‘Exosphere’ continues Ketil’s melodic adventures, the music being dense and thematic with a whole lot of atmosphere as well. There’s a very definite 80’s synth feel to some tracks, with simple but effective rhythms flirting with some pleasing sequencing and arp patterns. Everything is held together by thoughtful and restrained melodic themes that draw the listener in, casting a magical spell as the music drifts effortlessly across the cosmos.

Artist – Ketil Lien aka Wim

Total running time:- 46:10