CD786 Escape (Download Only)


The effect of music on the human body and psyche has long been observed. When we consider the power of music on our emotions and our involuntary foot-tapping to a rhythm or beat, we realise this is quite unconscious. You can use the CD to soothe and relax, aid anxiety, or simply play to add a backdrop of beautiful background music in the therapy room, surgery or workplace. Great to use for practical effect whilst traveling, during exam time, times of emotional stress or to assist recuperation and convalescence. Best of all though is to use the Escape CD simply for your own listening pleasure and experience the soothing instrumentation and composition. To this end Escape is a wonderful selection of soothing music composed to aid relaxation and have a beneficial effect for the user. Additionally, you’ll find added music at a faster and slower pace to suit your mood. Find the tempo that suits your mood and create your own “pace of life” This is one album recorded on three CD’s each has a different tempo.

Artist – John Coker

Total running time:- 60:00