AD164 Electric Trick


Welcome to another musical journey through time and space. The astral trip is full of spontaneous live-music covering a 25 year period. “Sehr Mystisch” and “Floating in time” come from 1978 while the ethereal “Carina Cygnus”, that part of the milky way’s spiralarm where I performed a lot of concerts together with my Cosmic Companion Stephen Parsick, comes from the mid nineties.

In 1999 the song “Space Pioneers” emerged spontaneously as an encore after the longest gig (3.5 hours) we ever played. The rather psychedelic song “Nebelwald” was inspired by a spacey experience in a foggy forest in early 2000. “Further Beyond the Galaxy” and “The Gate of Bihar” were performed towards the end of that year when your Cosmic Captain and his Caring Crew performed a powerful gig at the E-Live-Festival in Holland.

It was in 2001 when our fiery “Timeshift” brought the cosmic fire to Old Blighty’s Jodrell Bank Radio Observatory in Knutsford, UK. Spiced with personal recordings from my bike ride at night in 2003 through India’s Varanasi, aka Benares, at the holy river Ganges, the Asian-flavoured song “Indian Bliss” with its floating celestial tunes is safely rooted on Mother Earth.

Artist – Cosmic Hoffmann

Total running time:- 69:35