BK727 The Voice of Animals


Life can be so busy and demanding that many of us are looking for new ways to find harmony – and what could be a better route to peace than by tuning into the wisdom of a much-loved dog, cat or horse?

In her new book, world-acclaimed author Margrit Coates shares 10 life-healing lessons learnt from animals. Using varied means of communication, all animals – domestic and wild – have teachings to offer that will enable us to realise our true potential. With their example, we can find calm and contentment and discover our own life-healing power.

Through many heart-warming, amazing true stories, Margrit shows how the guidance of animals can help us all live happier and more fulfilling lives.

‘We are only just beginning to understand how to truly communicate with our animal friends and teachers. Animals give us everything; this book helps us learn how to receive and give back. I highly recommend it.’ Peter Egan, actor and animal rights advocate

‘The voice of Margrit Coates should be heard by everyone, for it will change their lives and those of their non-human partners. With a mix of intuition, observation, compassion and commitment, Margrit opens the door to a better world.’ Jenny Seagrove, animal-welfare champion, founder of Mane Chance Horse Sanctuary

‘Learn from a woman who has opened up the fascinating world of animals.’ Marc Bekoff, author of The Animal Manifesto

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