AD160 Beyond The Galaxy


Beyond the Galaxy was the first CD from the German electronic musician COSMIC HOFFMANN originally released in 1999.

Klaus Hoffmann-Hoock had already debuted under the pseudonym Cosmic Hoffmann with ‘Close Encounters of the Fourth Kind’ in 1976. In 1982 he released a 7“ single entitled ‘Cosmic Hoffmann – Weltraum Boogie’ on EMI. KHH’s music is an exploration of the free-roaming and heavily psychedelic form of electronic music of the early 1970s.

COSMIC HOFFMANN follow the way once paved by groups like PINK FLOYD, TANGERINE DREAM and ASH RA TEMPEL. Cosmic textures from Moog Synthesizers and the MEGATRON, a digital Mellotron created by Hoffmann, are densely interwoven with his guitar and meditative elements of far-eastern music, elements that have always had a great influence on Hoffmann’s music from the beginning.

Artist – Cosmic Hoffmann

Total running time:- 79:40