AMB212 Tai Chi



Tai Chi Chuan is a gentle but powerful series of gra ceful movements which restore and promote the circulation of Chi – or life energy – throughtout the body. It is not a stenuous exercise in the sense that jogging or aerobics are, as it is performed slowly and deliberately and at least one foot remains on the ground, but all the same it provides an effective cardiovascular workout, and one that is safe for young and old alike.

In this album you will find the perfect musical mood to compliment the slow and deliberate rhythm of movement associated with Tai Chi. The wonderful orchestrations containing delicate flavours of the East merge with flutes, bells and guitars to gently suppor the inner psyche and lead the body’s internal rhythm through all the Tai Chi sequences.

This album is accompanied by an 8 page booklet containing useful information on Tai Chi – a perfect introductory album.

Artist:- Katie Hope

Total running time:- 53:57