AD235 Sequencer Drift


A stunning and masterful electronic music creation from Divine Matrix that continues the UK synthesist’s unique vision of rhythmic electronic space
music. ‘Sequencer Drift’ contains drifting themes and catchy rhythms, captivating the listener with memorable sequences that drive the tracks forward. It does
exactly what is say on the tin and fans of the Tangerine Dream style of electronic music will love it!
Evocative and always interesting, nothing outstays its welcome. Divine Matrix has a knack of perfectly capturing what was best in 80’s em in the
modern era. Indeed, Divine Matrix’s continues to confirm his status as a purveyor of quality electronic music that is both modern in style and technique, yet which also cleverly
recalls the classic 80’s style of Tangerine Dream and other luminaries of the genre.

Artist:- Divine Matrix

Total running time:- 79:40