AD233 Macabre


‘Macabre’ finds Steve Orchard in a slightly darker mood, conjuring stormy skies and mysterious shadows. However, the music is never dark or threatening.Indeed, despite its overtones (and undertones) the music remains firmly in therealm of the melodic we’ve come to expect from Steve Orchard. While not the uplifting ‘sunny days’ style of some of his earlier works, Macabre is instantly captivating with a strong sense of depth and identity.
There is nice variation here, some interesting rhythms, melodies and atmospheric interludes with titles that perfectly reflect this more ‘earthy’ of subjects, no cosmic ramblings here. While it may seem a contradiction to say about someone’s whose music is always so ‘musical’, Macabre is a much deeper, more complex musical excursion than previous outings. Steve retains the knack of being able to conjure up moods, whether it be his ambient excursions, his new age albums or something subtly a little deeper and darker.
‘Macabre’ perfectly reflects a mood of the macabre, of halloween, without ever venturing into cliche. Recommended!

Artist:- Steve Orchard

Total running time:- 64:00