AD232 Fading Light


DreamerProject produces the most delightful and heartwarming ambient, chill out music, full of strong and original melodies, full of emotion and understated rhythms. ‘Fading Lights’ is probably his most accomplished work to date, building on his collaborations with other artists.

Listening to ‘Fading Light’ is like being engulfed in a blanket of deep emotion, where deep tones and gentle melodies wash over the listener with a gentle caress. There is a sense of melancholy here and there… a sense of pathos perhaps, of life and love lost…perhaps wishing for a better world? All these emotions shine through from the artist’s soul, resulting in a wonderfully warm album, both tonally and emotionally.
The production is faultless and with strong input from ‘Richard Bjørklund -Spektralized’ and David Wright, ‘Fading Lights’ is likely to expand DreamerProject’s fan base even further. Highly recommended.

Artist:- Dreamerproject

Total running time:- 52:00