AD228 Journeys


‘Journeys’ is another masterful creation by Divine Matrix, continuing the UK synthesist’s unique vision of ambient, electronic space music. From the opening base pulse of ‘Blue Horizon’, with delightful sequences and catchy rhythm, the listener is hooked. The high quality continues as ‘Fast Train To Tokyo’ captivates with it glorious rhythm and base. The music is again
underpinned with memorable sequences driving the track forward.
The next three tracks slow things right down, taking the listener into more ‘contemplative’, ambient style music. They are no less involving though, and titles like
‘Gliding On Thermals’ and ‘River From Source To Sea’ are as evocative as their titles imply.
The tempo picks up again with
‘One Small Step’ and the exquisite musical odyssey continues with gentle rhythmic motion through ‘Walkabout’ and ‘A Path Less Trodden’ through to ‘Journeys End’. Each track is a wonderful, colourful vignette that confirms Divine Matrix as a purveyor of quality electronic music. Music that is both modern in style and technique, yet which also cleverly recalls the classic 80’s style of Tangerine Dream and other luminaries of the genre.

Artist:- Divine Matrix

Total running time:- 61:00