AD219 Listening For A Heartbeat


Steve Orchard’s relaxed style of acoustic and synth based, symphonic instrumental music at times echoes the likes of Mike Oldfield, Tangerine Dream and Michel Rother while always maintaining an individuality that is clearly ‘Steve Orchard’. ‘Listening for a Heartbeat’ invites us to share another cosmic journey full of imaginative themes, rhythmic delights and strong orchestration, all underpinned
with excellent guitar and strong synth work.
The arrangements, with occasional use of vocal textures, are beautifully crafted and Steve’s superb guitar work deserves special mention; the understated way in which he incorporates the guitar layers into the mix enables his music to rise so far above similar of the genre. Add that to the excellent synth work and you have a really classy offering.
The artist himself thinks this album might be his best work to date. It’s difficult to disagree with that.

Artist:- Steve Orchard