AD218 Heart Of The Shaman


‘Heart of the Shaman’ is probably the finest Divine Matrix work to date. With its deep undulating tones, slow burning, driving rhythms and occasional gothic inspired vocal layers, this album shows a shift from his more cosmic orientated music to a darker and more ‘earthy’ affair.
This is quite simply a powerhouse performance; expansive and stunning in its scope, it demands your attention. From the astonishing opening track ‘Into the Deadlands’, through to the final thought provoking ‘Shadow Whispers’ and ‘Lament to the Dead’, every track evokes gorgeously evocative atmospherics that envelope the listener in hypnotic rhythms and sequences as the music
casts its captivating spell. There is an otherworldly feel to the music that engulfs you and pulls you in…it is so captivating and it is almost sensual in its feel… it is amorous, it is moody… and it is quite simply magnificent!

Artist:- Divine Matrix