AD210 The Reflecting Sky


‘The Reflecting Sky’ came from a series of improvised sessions at David Wright’s Suffolk studio between 2017 and 2019 during ‘down time’ from Code Indigo concert rehearsals. During that time the duo laid the foundations for four distinctly different tracks. However, it wasn’t until early 2020 and the time afforded by the Covid-19 lockdown, that they went back to the music. After 4 months of painstaking editing and arranging, the result, we think you will agree, is a fascinating blend of musical styles, a metamorphosis
into something unique. The 11 tracks are in fact 4 long pieces, each displaying a creative and imaginative blend of sequences, rhythms and atmospherics that create a soundscape to take the listener on a
mind-blowing cosmic journey. While the duo clearly pays a passing nod to the more established luminaries of the genre, ‘The Reflecting Sky’ is an original and sophisticated slice of electronic music, clearly reflecting the musical vision and expertise of both artists at the peak of their creative prowess and clearly enjoying the collaboration.
The double CD comes with an 8 page booklet