AD202 E-Scape 2019


E-Scape 2019’ is a collection of exclusive tracks from artists performing at the 2019 UK E-Scape Festival on 1st June. The music is a varied collection of electronic music of the spacey, sequencer style and it all hangs together nicely as a cohesive electronic music album.

David Wright opens proceedings with a concert version of the thematic ReConnected’, recorded in 2019. Next up is Glenn Main with the upbeat ‘Secret Landing’ before things go all ‘Berlin School’ with Axxent Opaque’s ‘Live Sessions 29.3.19’. Infinity Curve present another traditional 80’s style piece of EM with ‘Escaping Infinity’, before we go into experimental space music mode with the wonderfully titled, exploratory ‘Looks Like Rain, Dear’ by E3. ‘Rejuvenation’ by Nik Owen Jones picks things up again with its seductive rhythmic spell. We then move into a great slice of melodic UK electronica with ‘Second Star’ by Wavestar II. The album closes with ‘Always Tomorrow’, another live track from 2019 concerts performed by David Wright & Carys.

E-Scape 2019 is a varied and compelling compilation that is sure to appeal to fans of high quality melodic and sequencer styled, spacey electronic music.

Artist – Various Artists

Total running time:- 77:18