AD193 First King


‘Lord of the Ants’ music is an imaginative blend of rhythmic and cinematic electronica with numerous other influences cleverly included. The result is a series of complex and intriguing soundscapes with memorable themes verging on the avant-garde.

That style continues here, but it is substantially enhanced and advanced by a much edgier ‘feel’ that helps to generate a darker atmosphere that permeates the music throughout.

It’s difficult to reference because it is so original, but, at times it reminds one of the style of Ryuichi Sakamoto or one of those soundtracks you hear and have to find out “who did the music!”.

It isn’t a soundtrack per se, but the theme of ‘First King’ is the legend of ‘Brutus of Troy’, so the fact that the music is thematically linked makes it even more compelling. The production is first rate and there is some truly stunning and captivating music on offer here. Highly recommended!

Artist – Lord of the Ants

Total running time:- 56:25